#Autonomous Robot | Development

#ArtiRobots | Software | Services | R&D

#Ecer | Robot Arm

#Celeramotion | Precision Components | Mechatronic Assemblies

#Movigo Robotics | Autonomous mobile robots

#Teradyne | Automated testing machines

#Fetch Robotics | Just in time material delivery in manufacturing

#Diverseco | Integrated measurement, packaging, product inspection, and robot automation

#Otto Motors | Autonomous Mobile Robots

#Pnicorp | Sensor systems for military

#Locus Robotics | Automated warehouse robots

#Renu Robotics | Vegetation management

#ControlEng | Software products for engineers and scientists

#FIMA | Heavy mobile work machines forum

#Eagledata | Transportation robots

#KUKA | Robotics

#IVISO | Computer Vision

#FORT Robotics | Controlling smart machines | Secure communication with machines

#Plm Automation Siemens | Product Lifecycle Management

#Industrial Omron | Manufacturing

#RBTX | Low Cost Robotics

#Carbon Robotics | Autonomous LaserWeeder Robot | Deep Learning | Laser | Lidar Sensor | Nvidia | Cumming

#Built Robotics | Transforms heavy equipment into autonomous robots

#Kryon Systems | Robots

#Anybotics | Industrial inspection robots

#Starship | Reusable, super heavy lift launch vehicle

#Bluepoint Robotics | intelligent UV disinfection robots

#LG | Autonomous Robots

#Navvis | Accurate mobile mapping of indoor spaces

#Mantis Robotics | Responsive collaborative robots | Flexible human robot collaboration | Industrial robots for manufacturing and warehouse fulfillment

#Legged Robots | Workshop on Legged Robots

#SCHUNK | Gripping system and clamping technology

#Intel | Neuromorphic computing | Biological neural computation | New algorithmic approaches | Emulating human brain interactions | Spiking neural networks (SNNs) | Simulating natural learning | Dynamically remapping neural networks | Making decisions in response to learned patterns over time | Powering autonomous AI solutions | Supporting energy efficiency and continuous learning | Sensing | Robotics | Healthcare | Large scale AI applications

#Aivero | AI Robotics

#GreyOrange | Autonomous Material Handling Solutions

#Festo | Pneumatic Collaborative Robot Arm

#MuJoCo physics engine | Deep Mind | Alphabet

#Humble Hawksbill | ROS

#Fireflies | Insect scale robots emitting light when flying enabling motion tracking and communication | MIT

#Cardinal | Robotic workcell picking packages from a pile, reading package labels and places them in a GoCart | Amazon

#Universal Scene Description | USD | Metaverse | Digital Twins | Simulating scenes, roads and factories | Autonomous Vehicles | Robots | Large virtual worlds | Pixar | Adobe | Ubisoft | Nvidia

#Autodesk 3ds Max | Autodesk

#Synthetic data generation | Computer simulation | Algorithm | Statistical modeling | Autonomous vehicles | Information injected into AI models | Creating digital twins | Testing AI systems for bias | Simulating the future, alternate futures or the metaverse | Datagen | MostlyAI | Synthesis AI

#NVIDIA | MLPerf | Measuring time to train neural networks | Natural language processing | Speech recognition | Recommender systems | Biomedical image segmentatione | Object detection | Image classification | Reinforcement learning | NVIDIA benchmarking suite | MLPerf Training | MLPerf Inference | MLPerf HPC | NVIDIA Platform

#Roboticsconference | Robotics Science and Systems

#Meta | AI sentience | Conscious machines | Artificial general intelligence

#NATO Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) Initiative | Open Ocean Robotics | Idemia Identity and Security | Naval Armaments Cooperation at the U.S. Mission to NATO | Maritime Unmanned Systems Innovation & Coordination Cell (MUSIC2) | Institute for Security Science Technology at Imperial College, London | DARPA | SparkCognition | SkyGrid | Boeing | Planck Aerosystems

#Ouster | High-resolution lidar sensors for long, mid, and short range applications | Smart infrastructure | Autonomous machines | Robotics applications | Digital lidar architecture | Digital device powered by a fully custom silicon CMOS chip

#JAKA Robotics | Graphic Programming | Set and adjust positions and tasks with ease | Drag Teaching | Moving the cobot to any position, and it will memorize it instantly | JAKA APP | Teaching the robot | Remote Monitoring | Monitor robot tasks and set alerts

#Structural color | Chameleon like, color shifting materials | Stretching a piece of film to reveal a hidden message | Checking an arm band color to gauge muscle mass | Sporting a swimsuit that changes hue as one does laps | Elastic materials that when stretched can transform their color | Printed films revealing the imprint of objects | Structural color arising as a consequence of a material microscopic structure | Robotic skin that has a human like sense of touch | Devices for things like virtual augmented reality or medical training | University of Cambridge | The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at the Brigham | Women Hospital | National Science Foundation | MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation | Samsung | MIT ME MathWorks seed fund | MIT

#MassRobotics | Ori | Ikea | Boston Seaport District | Amazon | Google | Mitsubishi Electric | Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT | Cybernetix Ventures

#VARTA | Application Specific Batteries (ASB) | Energy Solutions

#GAM | Robotic and servo gear | GPL Robotic Planetary | GCL Cycloidal | GSL Strain Wave | Precision Rack & Pinion | Linear Mount Products for Cartesian Robots

#Boston Dynamics | Enterprise asset management | Spot CAM+IR | Get more data on the health of your assets | See imaging results | Trigger alerts when assets go out of bounds |Review data trendlines on Scout | Add Area Callbacks to regions for safety checks | Set up Strict Path Following mode on autonomous missions | Enable Ground Clutter Avoidance on autonomous missions | Automatic Stairs Mode | Connected Logging and Licensing

#Parvalux | Electric motors | Geared Motors for Robotic Solutions

#Boston Dynamics AI Institute | Artificial intelligence (AI) | Robotics | Intelligent machines | Cognitive AI | Athletic AI | Organic hardware design

#HELUKABEL | Cables, Wires and Accessories for Robotics | Sensor technology and data | Network and bus technology | Control and motor | Customer specific solutions

#Agility Robotics | Digit | Bipedal robot | Moving totes and packages | Unloading trailers at warehouses | RoboFab | Robot manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon | Producing more than 10,000 Digit robots per year | Factory for humanoid robots

#Jetson Orin Nano | Nova Orin reference platform for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) | 40 trillion operations per second (TOPS) of AI performance | NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU | Arm based CPU | Deep learning and vision accelerators | ultimodal sensor support

#Harmonic Drive | Precision servo actuators | Gearheads | Gear component sets

#Robotics Engineering | Intelligent Sensing for Object Recognition, Manipulation and Control | Design, Development and Simulation Tools for Robotics Development | Developing Intelligent Robots - Machine Learning on Edge, Cloud and Hybrid Architectures | Advanced Motion Control Solutions for Robotics Systems | Intelligent Vision and Sensing Solutions for Autonomous Mapping and Navigation | Motion Control for Healthcare Robotics Applications: Functional Requirements, Critical Capabilities

#FARobot | Swarm Autonomy solution

#NVIDIA | Mission Client | Isaac ROS GitHub | ROS 2 Humble | Nav2 navigation stack | OTTO Motors | InOrbit | VDA5050 Connector | MQTT | OASIS standard messaging protocol for Internet of Things (IoT) applications | Open Robotics

#General Atomics | Air to Air Laser Communication System | Crosslinks from aircraft to other platforms such as unmanned aircraft, maritime vessels, and space systems

#Data driven & robotic solutions for logistics automation alongside reliable, modular service concepts | Warehouse automation | KUKA Group | Chinese Midea Group

#MIT | White graphene nanotubes | Stronger, heat resistant composites | Membranes for renewable energy | Hollow aligned fibers, or nanotubes, made from hexagonal boron nitride | Hexagonal boron nitride ( hBN) | Fabricating aligned boron nitride nanotubes in bulk | hBN is transparent and electrically insulating | hBN to electrically insulate sensors within electronic devices | Blue energy, electricity produced from the ionic filtering of salt water into fresh water | Nanotube engineering | Hypersonic and space applications

#SatelIoT | IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT

#Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit | NVIDIA | 275 Trillion Operations per Second (TOPS) | Multiple concurrent AI inference pipelines | High speed interface support for multiple sensors

#NATO | Innovation Fund | Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) | Dual use emerging technologies of priority to NATO | Artificial intelligence | Quantum enabled technologies | Autonomy | Biotechnology |Novel materials | Energy | Propulsion | Space

#Optimax Systems | Robot polishing platform | Optics prototypes | PickNik | Robot Operating System (ROS) | ABB robot arm | ROS 2 Control library | ABB StateMachine | ABB

#USB | Smart agriculture | Robots | Artificial intelligence | Boosting the quantity and quality of crops

#Ocean Autonomy Cluster | Hub for expertise on ocean autonomy

#Universal Robots | Cobot automation | Higher payload, longer reach cobot | Palletizing | Light enough to be unbolted and relocated or attached to a heavy base with wheels | Industry 5.0 | Working alongside robots

#Aerobotix | ROS | Robotic painting system | ROS providing dynamic backbone for creating new systems with sensor packages | Using sensors like motors, lasers, LiDARs and safety devices | Able to find manufacturers developed their own hardware drivers and interfaces to easily pair with ROS | ROS community support | Contractors skilled in ROS development

#ROS | Robot Operating System | Open source software development kit for robotics applications | Standard software platform to robotic application developers | Research | Prototyping | Deployment | Production

#Intel | Kapoho Point Board | Four Loihi 2 chips on its top side | Four on its underside | Up to a million neurons | Up to a billion synapses | Up to 8 million variables | Up to 1000× better energy efficiency than a state of the art CPU solver | Stackable up to eight boards | Expansion port on the board | Four boards getting up to 32 million neurons | Drones | Robotics | Gesture recognition | Scene understanding | Smell identification | Solving optimization problems | Research

#UC Berkeley | Industrial engineering and operations research

#Intrinsic | Open Source Robotics Corporation (OSRC) | ROS | Open RMF | Multi fleet robot deconfliction and operations platform |Multi agent motion planning | Optimal resource allocation | Negotiation of conflicting objectives

#ASTM International | Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP) | CHIPS Act

#Nauticus Robotics | Ocean robotic platforms

#Johnson & Johnson | Surgical robotics

#kodiakDriver | Technology stack for long haul trucks | Sensor fusion system | Lightweight mapping solution | Autonomous sensor system | LiDAR | Camera | Radar

#IRS Robotics | Refurbished robots | Robot spare parts

#eCon Systems | Color global shutter camera | Robotic vision | Capturing fast moving objects | High frame rate

#Doodle Labs | Mesh networking for robotic systems | Smart Radio solutions for UAVs, UGVs, AMRs | Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) | nano OEM Smart Radio | Blue UAS | Ultra Reliable Low Latency Command and Control | Dynamic Mesh | OpenWrt Linux OS

#OpenWrt | Linux operating system targeting embedded devices | Fully writable filesystem with package management | Customizing devices | Firmware made of standardized modules

#Software Freedom Conservancy | Fostering free and open source software (FOSS)

#Multiway | Warehouse robotics

#Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia | Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems | Decoding of human movement and intention | Extracting relevant characteristics of velocity, and acceleration in 3D | Infering action features | Trajectory prediction | Vitality | Fatigue | Kinematic and psychophysics parameters | Estimating in real time the intention and goal of the action

#Nexera Robotics | Robotic grasping | Item picking

#Ambi Robotics | AmbiOS | Supply chain operating system | Robotic parcel sortation

#Viam | Open source robotics system | Integrated cloud services

#MIT Improbable Artificial Intelligence Lab | DribbleBot | Maneuvering a soccer ball on landscapes such as sand and snow | Reinforcement learning to adapt to varying ball dynamics | Onboard sensing and computing | A robot, ball, and terrain are inside the simulation | Digital twin of the natural world

#Dunkermotoren GmbH | Electrical drive technology | Brushless DC motors | Brushed DC motors | Gearboxes

#Technical University of Munich, Germany | Neuromorphic Hardware | Mimicking the human sensor systems (e.g. nose, tongue, skin) | Sensors rather imprecise in their output signals | Human sensory system: eyes (vision), ear (sound), nose (smell), skin (pressure, temperature) and tongue (taste) | Circuits built based on the concept of Spiking Neural Networks (SNN) | Analog HW built which can execute unsupervised learning on chip

#Apptronik | Draco: liquid cooled, high performance bipedal platform, 10 DOFs, Platform for any humanoid system, Open access to low level control software and libraries for RT Linux, ROS integration, Key to unlocking agile dynamic walking | Hume: point foot biped robot, designed with series elastic actuators, inhouse Axon and Medulla controls developed

#UT Austin HCLR | Whole Body Impulse Control combining Inverse Kinematic and Inverse Dynamic controllers study | Teleoperating tasks to collect data for imitation learning using DRACO3 humanoid robot

#Open Source Robotics Foundation | ROS2 | Teams of multiple robots | Small embedded platforms | Real time systems | Non ideal networks | Production environments | Prescribed patterns | Zeroconf | Protocol Buffers | ZeroMQ (and the other MQs) | Redis | WebSockets | DDS (Data Distribution Service) | Distributed processing | Anonymous publish/subscribe messaging | RPC with feedback (i.e., actions) | Language neutrality |System introspectability

#Reliance Precision Ltd | Slit couplings | Single piece of 7075 aluminum for low inertia | Balanced design for reduced vibration at speeds up to 70,000 RPM | Radiused edges reducing stress on coupling allowing for high misalignment and torsional stiffness with low bearing loads

#ANYbotics | ANYmal inspector carries built in computation | Eliminating need for continuous network communication | Connects through WiFi | 4G/LTE telecommunication with an add on module | Pan tilt unit scans environment around robot and accurately positions built in sensors for inspections of points of interest | AI based inspection algorithms analyze sensory data to interpret values, classify results, and detect anomalies | Camera with 20× optical zoom takes clear images and videos at far distances at 4K resolution | Thermal camera provides precise temperature readings in range of -20–500°C without physical interaction | LED spotlight supports visual inspections in low-light conditions | Directional microphone for recording acoustic measurements in audible and ultrasonic frequency range | Pan tilt unit together with robot base motion positions sensors to check hard to reach places | Setup inspection missions by guiding robot through environment | Work digitally with existing 3d plant models and transfer missions to physical plant | Program custom software to extend capabilities and interface through ROS (Robot Operating System) APIs and open source ecosystem | Develop and test custom software with ANYmal simulator | Obstacle sensing with 6x depth cameras | Environment mapping with 360° lidar | Ubuntu and ROS software platform

#New England Wire Technologies | Custom cables for robotics and automation industry

#Honeybee Robotics | Controllers for actuators and mechanisms for in-space servicing applications

#Figure | Humanoids designed for initial deployment into workforce

#Open Robotics | Robot Operating System (ROS) | Iron Irwini ROS 2 release | Python API documentation on | Validation and sanitization to complex ROS parameter lists | Info when publisher/subscriber pair establish or drop a connection | Fine-grained logging levels for each ROS node in robot | More performance on large messages | ROI camera display | STL files from SolidWorks

#Intrinsic | Acquired Open Robotics | Flowstate | Layer of abstraction to traditional robotic software tools | Reducing development skills to program robots

#Nvidia | Isaac Sim | Smulating and testing robots

#Advanced Robotic Technology for Enhanced Mobility and Improved Stability (ARTEMIS) | UCLA | General-purpose humanoid robot

#OLogic | Robotics | Pumpkin Pi i350 EVK | Edge AI platform | Designed for mainstream AI + IoT applications | Vision and voice edge processing | Facial, object, gesture, motion recognition | LPR, voice activation and speed recognition | Sound isolation, bio-tech and biometric measurements

#Azure Medical Innovation | Designing precision cobots for surgical applications

#RoboBusiness | Events for robotics industry to successfully develop, deploy and manage the next generation of robotics systems

#CHIEFTEK PRECISION CO., LTD | cpcStudio | High-precision motion control | PLC languages like ST or FBD | EtherCAT | Modbus TCP | Packaging, handling | Inspection | Etching | Panel displays | Automated warehouse | Power engineering

#AMP Robotics | Robotics solutions for recycling industry sector

#Ascento | Autonomous outdoor security patrol robots as a service

#Contoro Robotics | Robotics teleoperation systems

#SanctuaryAI | Creating human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots

#LEMO | Connecting sensors, motors and actuators | Connectors for quadrupedal robots, legged robots, wheeled robots

#Collaborative Robotics | Building autonomous mobile robots | Moving robotics to commercial spaces with material movement | Using large language models for collaboration | Mayo Clinic | Sequoia Capital | CalibrateVentures | Neo Ventures | Amazon Consumer, Fuel Capital | MVP Ventures

#Kollmorgen | Motion control systems

#Barcodes Group | Autonomous Mobile Manipulation (AMM)

#Augmentus | Produces no-code robot programming software

#ESTAT Actuation | Electroadhesive clutches making robots or machines more capable and affordable

#ISYBOT | Design and manufacturing collaborative robots

#Voaige | Visioning software for robotics applications

#BlueBotics | ANT everywhere | ANT Inside building: ANT navigation uses its usual odometry, inertial measurement unit (gyroscope), and laser scanner data | ANT outside: GNSS data starts providing ANT with additional positioning information |ANT outside: GNSS data is given higher priority | Due to advanced sensor fusion, transition between indoor and outdoor is seamless | ANT lab vehicle and mission configuration software for AGVs and AMRs

#Tomahawk Robotics | AI-enabled robotic control systems for the military | Kinesis AI-enhanced open architecture common control system for military

#Tormach | ROS-based industrial robotic manipulator and control system | PathPilot uses Python as robot programming language | Open-source, ROS-based robotics platform includes control system, industrial robot hardware, and full access to all system parameters | Tormach ZA6 robotic arm prints layers of molten metal to create complex shapes | ZA6 ROS/HAL hardware and software stack | Connection between ROS and a robot hardware relies on hardware abstraction layer (HAL) | HAL continues via LinuxCNC and Machinekit projects | HAL components written in C execute in 1kHz real-time thread with minimum jitter | EtherCAT bus | URDF model (unified robot description format) | Python 3 support | csv and http requests Python libraries to upload data files recorded by robot to web server | numpy and kdl Python libs to calculate forces in cartesian space | Twilio Python lib to send text messages from robot | PathPilot user interface makes it easy to write simple teach-mode programs | Wason Technology, LLC developing Robot Raconteur program for force-torque control

#Wason Technology | Robot Raconteur open-source communication framework | PyRI Open-Source Teach Pendant | Tesseract Robot Motion Planner Python interface

#Aris Technology | Collaborative framework to assist various organizations with assigning robotic tasks based on individual operator unique subject matter expertise

#Apparel Robotics Corporation | MassRobotics | Boosting robotic capabilities to handle fabric

#Dexai Robotics | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Automated robotic task planning

#Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | The world frst robotics Ph.D. program

#Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA, USA | One of the top universities in the world for robotics engineering

#University of Tokyo in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan | Welcoming and inclusive of international students

#Technical University of Munich in Munich, Germany | Excellent internship and employment prospects

#Imperial College London in London, England, U.K.| Degrees in electrical, mechanical, and biotechnology

#Toyota Research Institute | Large Behavior Model (LBM) framework | AI learning approach | Diffusion Policy | Toyota developed in partnership with Columbia Engineering and MIT | Robotic AIs watch how human does given physical task and then essentially program itself to perform that task in flexible manner | Operators receive haptic feedback from robot soft, flexible grippers through their hand controls, allowing them to feel what robot feels as its manipulators come into contact with objects | Robot builds its own internal model of what success and failure looks like | It then goes and runs thousands upon thousands of physics-based simulations based on its internal models of the task | Robot homes in on set of techniques to get the job done | Process starts with teacher demonstrating a small set of skills through teleoperation

#TRI | Generative AI | Teaching robots

#EPFL | Four-arm laparoscopic surgery by controlling two additional robotic arms via haptic foot interfaces

#Amazon robotics research and development facility | Testing Agility Robotics Digit humanoid robot | Agility is part of the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund | Digit is human-centric, multi-purpose robot made for logistics work being able to move, grasp, and handle items in spaces and corners of warehouse in novel ways

#Deep Mind | MuJoCo | Multi-Joint dynamics with Contact | Simulator | Physics engine | Support for accelerator hardware | Improved scalability on CPU | More versatile collision primitives | Google Cloud TPU | Own accelerator hardware | Reinforcement learning | Python support to run MuJoCo on CPU, GPU, or TPU | Ability to detect contact islands or sub-components of scene that do not interact | Scene with two robots | Islands can be solved for independently, for example, on separate threads | Thread-pool API |Model with many humanoids runs faster | Collision geometries

#Flow Robotics | Automating bead clean-up protocols | Utilizing automated liquid handing approach | Increasing the precision and repeatability of the pipetting steps | Reducing errors | Maximizing yield of purified biological materials

#ANYbotics | ANYmal | Outdoor | Analyzing telemetry data | Assessing mobility | Validating navigation algorithms | Enhancing inspection capabilities. | IP67 rating ensuring full functionality in demanding, wet and dirty environments, in heavy rain and snow | If anomalies occur, operators can remotely access ANYmal | Creating fleets of autonomous robots

#Karelics | General Laser | Ouster Lidar | Official ROS 2 Ouster driver | ROS2 Humble | Spot by Boston Dynamics | Nvidia Jetson | Insta360 | Google SSO | Azure Active Directory | Python | Open-source Navigation2 | Spatio-Temporal Voxel Layer | OpenVDB | Ubuntu22.04

#OpenAI | ChatGPT | Robotics | Communicating with robot using natural language | Taking instructions and translating them into code robot can understand and execute | ROS Node example created by ChatGPT to make robot perform infinity-sign pattern in Gazebo simulation | Microsoft

#Agility Robotics | Robots make their own artworks | Artificial intelligence and robotics accelerating and converging

#Vulcanexus | Experimental Robotic Cell for Complex Picking and Dismantling | Re-programmable Co-bots for Flexible Manufacturing

#Advanced Navigation | Inertial measurement unit (IMU) | Heading reference system (AHRS) | Acoustic navigation | AI-based acoustic processing techniques | Subsea transponder | Sidney, Australia

#Sanctuary AI | Carbon AI control system | Robotic hand | Haptic technology that mimics the sense of touch | Hand-eye coordination of object manipulation tasks | AI model training | General-purpose humanoid robotics

#1X Technologies | Developing humanoid, general-purpose robots

#READY Robotics | Platform for simulating, developing, and testing robots | ForgeOS controls both the simulation and physical work cell | Workflow enables ForgeOS to relay real-time production data from the cell on the factory floor back to the original Isaac Sim simulation | Toyota | NVIDIA

#Sevensense | Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) | AMR autonomously navigate to production cells | Tracking stock inventory as they go | Sharing this information with other robots | Collaborating safely side by side with humans | ABB Robotics | Space ROS | MoveIT | Teach Pendant | Robot arm developer kit

#Aalto University | Aalto Robot Learning lab | Reinforcement learning | Robotic manipulation | Decision making under partial observability | Imitation learning | Decision making in multi-agent systems

#OndoSense | Radar distance sensor | Sensor software: integrated into control system or used for independent quality monitoring | Object detection | Distance measurement | Position control | Agriculture: reliable height control of the field sprayer | Mining industry | Transport & Logistics | Shipping & Offshore | Mechanical and plant engineering | Metal and steel industry | Energy sector | Harsh industrial environments | Dust & smoke: no influence | Rain & snow: no influence | Radar frequency: 122GHz | Opening angle: ±3° | Measuring range: 0.3 – 40 m | Measuring rate: up to 100Hz | Output rate: up to 10 ms / 100 Hz | Measurement accuracy; up to ±1mm | Measurement precision: ±1mm | Communication protocol: RS485; Profinet, other interfaces via gateway | Switching output: 3x push-pull (PNP/NPN) | Analogue output: Current interface (4 – 20 mA) | Protection class: IP67